Solutions for Long Term Infrastructure Investment

Back in November I participated in an event in London organised by the Reform Think Tank about the future of broadband in

Structural Separation : a Solution to boost FTTH investment

Our webinar on Nov. 18th hosted by the FTTH Council Europe was extremely successful, both in terms of attendance and in the level

Opinion: FTTH is (relatively) cheap

The debate around next-generation access in general and Fiber to the Home in particular is dominated by one single overbearing concept: deploying a

Thinking Long-Term

I was reading the november issue of Wired on the plane this week (the beauty of digital copies on tablets is that you can catch up on past issues!)

Is the Rainbow Revolution just round the corner?

Uk_dp James Enck doesn't blog near enough these days, although it's perfectly understandable considering his new role at CFH

Timing The Infrastructure Investment in Next-Generation Access Networks

In this report, we investigate how the choice of network architecture and the strategic timing of the infrastructure deployment might affect the network

Money talks, but what does it say? Examining the EIB’s loan activity for fibre projects

Funding is one of the key issues in the NGA ecosystem and one that is often not given the attention it deserves. The

Ambition (Lack Thereof…)

French tech blogger and fiber enthusiast Jean-Michel Billaut pointed on his blog to a recently published study about the electrification of France.

The Incentive Paradox aka European NGA State Aid Guidelines

At the end of last week, the European Commission finally released its new rulings on state aid for broadband. The full document