Diffraction Analysis in Crosstalk


Crosstalk is an Australian podcast on Telecom matters, and as one might expect, the Australian NBN is a frequent topic. Diffraction Analysis' Benoît

TPG Telecom’s FTTB play a headache for Turnbull

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Although obviously very unhappy with the broadband monopoly created by the previous government, Communications Minister Malcolm

Interview on Australian Telecom Podcast Crosstalk

Last week I was interviewed by Phil Dobbie on the Australian Telecom Podcast Crosstalk about the viability of on-demand FTTP. The whole

Gives FTTB a whole new meaning…

It’s not every day I see comedy that not only mentions but actually addresses fiber related topics, so I’m not going to let this one pass!

This is the fabled Australian comic duo Clarke

Don’t put your trust in on-demand FTTP…

On Tap by Benoît Felten (benfelten)) on 500px.com

One of the most interesting features of this week’s alternative NBN plan published by the Australian opposition (see my article Australia’s NBN becomes a political football on Telecom TV) is this notion of “on-dem

The Low Down on French FTTH (as seen from Australia)

Sydney Opera House by Kurtis Garbutt (kjgarbutt)) on 500px.com
On March 22nd, The Australian published an editorial I wrote on the French FTTH policy model. This came about because in recent weeks the Australian NBN has been under a lot of criticism

Can the New Zealand NGA Model be Replicated?

In policy circles in Europe and North America, there’s a lot of pondering about what model may (finally) boost NGA deployment