Another setback for Huawei

AUI wrote last year about Huawei and the company's struggles to establish itself as a reputable company disconnected from the Chinese government. In

Lessons from the Australian NBN

In 2009, the Australian Federal Government launched the National Broadband Network (NBN), an ambitious infrastructure project to bring high-speed broadb

Articulating the NBN Vision

AU NBN Co. last week released an excellent video articulating the potential benefits of universal high-speed broadband. It's really a very good way

Tesltra and NBN finally have a deal!

Australia The internet of fiber was abuzz this week-end at the news that Telstra and the Australian Government have finally agreed to a deal

Highlights from the FTTH Council APAC Annual Conference

SeethelightThese last two days, I was in Seoul, attending the 5th FTTH Council APAC Annual Conference in Seoul. I still need to digest a lot of what I've seen or heard