Orange opens a Gigabit Testlab in San Francisco

 It came to my attention recently that Orange, the French incumbent ISP and a powerful market player in numerous other European

Orange takes the lead on FTTH, Free and SFR pare down TV Distribution

Late last week, French regulator ARCEP published the latest numbers for French FTTH. They’re not looking particularly sexy in terms of acquisition. Not that this comes as a surprise, considering how little marketing

Orange fights back… intelligently!

Orange No. 1
Orange (CC) avhell

Over the years I’ve been fairly critical of Orange both in the way they captured the NGA market and contributed

The Orange Miracle

Fr-lgflag Jesus multiplied bread loaves and fishes. In the bible, the story is told of how he fed 5000 with only 2 fishes

Orange’s Fiber Shenanigans

Fr-lgflag An interesting confluence of external communication and social unrest around Orange's FTTP plans in France. The first aspect of this is the following

Bouygues Telecom launches its “fiber” offer

France Announced nine months ago, Bouygues Telecom's BBox Fibre offer will be available in France starting today, November 2nd. Bouygues Telecom will lease a bitstream type circuit from French cable player Numéricable to access the end-customers. After having made some news

Orange publishes a fiber coverage map

Fr_dp It's only a first step, and we shouldn't necessairly read too much into it, but Orange just published a coverage map for FTTH,