The Low Down on French FTTH (as seen from Australia)

Sydney Opera House by Kurtis Garbutt (kjgarbutt)) on
On March 22nd, The Australian published an editorial I wrote on the French FTTH policy model. This came about because in recent weeks the Australian NBN has been under a lot of criticism

The #1 Connectivity Topic for 2012 is NOT digital rights!

It's the new year, usually a good time to reflect on what's been happening in the past year and what we hope to

Ambition (Lack Thereof…)

French tech blogger and fiber enthusiast Jean-Michel Billaut pointed on his blog to a recently published study about the electrification of France.

Of Dinosaurs, Evolution and Suicides…

If there is one telecom story that made the worldwide press front pages over the last few weeks, it's that of suicides amongst France Telecom personnel. In case you're an ostritch