Time to think about switching that copper off?

Earlier this week, a short article on Total Telecom was widely distributed in broadband circles. Entitled Portugal Telecom Selling Off Its Copper

Regulatory Certainty Works

When I was in London a few weeks ago to talk about Structural Separation, the New Zealand example was of course very

EC Confusion and Prejudice around the OTT terminology

I have written in the past that the OTT (Over the Top) acronym is toxic and should not be used, except possibly in

An Example of Spin-Off

In the last few weeks, Thomas Langer and myself have been talking about structural separation via spin-off at length,

DT didn’t shelf its variable rate plans…


There was an interesting and animated discussion on twitter yesterday about the fact that journalists systematically present network congestion due to Online

The false dichotomy of competition vs. investment


I spent last week in Europe, in between Stockholm, Brussels and Paris

Let’s Discuss Structural Separation

At Diffraction Analysis, we (ie. Thomas Langer and Benoît Felten) have been busy these last few months working on a series of reports