Presentation on Stokab with talking track and moving arms

During the SKL event in Brussels last week my presentation was filmed, and it's been edited in a great way (I think). You

How the Stokab Model can be Replicated (Slides)

As promised last week, here are the slides from my Brussels presentation How the Stokab Model can be Replicated.

These slides present the high level results from our study

Brussels Event on Municipal Broadband

I will be speaking next week on Thursday February 7th (14.00-18.00) at an event organised in Brussels by the Swedish Association of Local Authorities

Interview on Stokab over at Community Broadband Bits

Gamla stan

Gamla Stan (cc) *Kicki*

Community Broadband Bits is a great podcast addressing broadb

Stockholm’s Stokab: A Blueprint for Ubiquitous Fiber Connectivity?

Stokab has become one of these landmark municipal broadb