Structural Remedies to Solve the Rural Broadband Issue

It would be an understatement to say that rural broadband policy in developed markets has largely been inadequate. The default program in

To a Well Connected 2016

2015 has been a troubled year on the international scene, and while it isn't our role at Diffraction Analysis to comment news events,

Solutions for Long Term Infrastructure Investment

Back in November I participated in an event in London organised by the Reform Think Tank about the future of broadband in

NBN Co should NOT open its network to retail customers

It won’t come as a surprise that I follow what’s happening with Australia’s NBN Co with interest. After all, even if I’ve been highly critical of the plan’s implementation

Is Structural Separation in the UK really that risky?

I rarely disagree with the excellent Martyn Warwick, but sometimes there are exceptions. In an article in Telecom TV entitled BT Threatens Decades of Litigation Over Forced Sale of Openreach, Martin concludes that:

An ill-considered

An Example of Spin-Off

In the last few weeks, Thomas Langer and myself have been talking about structural separation via spin-off at length,

Diffraction Analysis in Crosstalk


Crosstalk is an Australian podcast on Telecom matters, and as one might expect, the Australian NBN is a frequent topic. Diffraction Analysis' Benoît

Structural Separation : a Solution to boost FTTH investment

Our webinar on Nov. 18th hosted by the FTTH Council Europe was extremely successful, both in terms of attendance and in the level

Let’s Discuss Structural Separation

At Diffraction Analysis, we (ie. Thomas Langer and Benoît Felten) have been busy these last few months working on a series of reports