How Can Telcos Create Value for End-Users ?

I have written in the past about my fundamental dislike of Uber. In a nutshell, I don’t think Uber is particularly innovative,

Net Neutrality is Good for Telcos

I was interviewed last Friday by dutch web newspaper Web Wereld about Net Neutrality. You are no doubt aware that the Netherlands

Yankee Group Webinar Replay

The webinar that Yankee Group held today with myself and my colleagues Camille Mendler

Missing the video-communication train…

I'm coming back to a topic I dicussed already a few months ago, namely video-communication and the role that telcos could play

Fabulous Lafayette

2511 It's been weeks since I attended Fiberfete in Lafayette and I haven't written a single word about it. Shame on me. My excuse

Summarize Ecomm Competition

LEE-1 Surely you all remember this monument of absurd humour that is the All-England Summarize Proust Competition. I'm hoping that my attempt