Fantastic Video on Net Neutrality

I’ve long held the idea that a short video explaining the concept of net neutrality to joe and jane average should be feasible.

The (Slow) Fiber Revolution: My speech at Freedom to Connect

Freedom to Connect is a unique event in technology. The speakers there are just not the usual bunch of speakers, a mix of long-term visionaries

Articulating the NBN Vision

AU NBN Co. last week released an excellent video articulating the potential benefits of universal high-speed broadband. It's really a very good way

Of Video-Communication and Killer Apps

I"ve already mentioned this several times on this blog, I believe that Video-Communication could be a defining service for next-generation access networks provided that service providers don't let the opportunity pass them by, act boldly

In which I rant against the all-mobile utopians

Farmers Digging Up for Fibre

In the wake of a rural broadband conference in the UK last week, this video of a fibre dig by a bunch