TV 2.0 is an opportunity for telcos to be at the heart of content delivery

In the last decade, distribution of linear video content has been one of the key drivers for broadband service upgrades. During this

Are we (just) catching up with our past future ?

Good friend and excellent reader Dirk points me (via twitter) to this 1962 advert by Bell Telephone Systems on the Telephone of Tomorrow.

Is Cisco’s ūmi the revolution of residential communication ?

Last week I was lucky enough to experience (under embargo) Cisco's new home telepresence product, ūmi (pronounced you-me). The photo above shows me

Missing the video-communication train…

I'm coming back to a topic I dicussed already a few months ago, namely video-communication and the role that telcos could play

Cisco’s Video-Comms, FT’s NRA Z0 and is VDSL NGA ?

I'm still struggling for time and I still haven't managed to write my new year blog post. That's when I'm glad I'm French,

Video-Communication and FTTH

On Friday I had a most interesting breakfast with Chris Herot, Chief Product Officer at VSee (you can read his account of our breakfast here)